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This gently used KLOS hybrid series guitar features a detachable mahogany neck with carbon stiffening rods and a fully composite fretboard. The stiffening rods help fight the tendency of wooden necks to warp and twist over time when exposed to changes in temperature and humidity. This ensures that your KLOS guitar will have perfect action and easy playability for a long, long time. 


Package includes:

Your KLOS Hybrid guitar
Screwdriver for removing the neck
Hex wrench to adjust the truss rod


Carbon fiber is much stronger and more resistant than wood. The one-piece body makes a very strong structure all around, whereas wooden guitars need bracing and kerfing at the juncture of the back piece to the side piece to support the thin wood and corners. On the KLOS guitar, there are no bottom corners to crack or dent.


NOTE: This instrument is available for local pickup only, no delivery.

Gently Used KLOS Carbon Fiber A/E Travel Guitar

  • $1331

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