Guitar Sales & Rentals

All our guitars in stock (other than consignment guitars) are available for purchase or rent. Purchasing is a great way to get the best price for your guitar, but our rent-to-own program is an excellent option as well.

Renting a Guitar

We have the best guitar rental program in the Bay Area. 100% of your rental payments go toward the purchase of the instrument and you can pay off the instrument early for a 20% discount. You can return the instrument at any time with no penalty. Plus you can trade-up your guitar for a more expensive guitar and carry forward all your equity. Finally, we offer a Maintenance Plan that can protect your guitar from damage.

Full details of our rental program are available here.

Why Rent a Guitar?

  • It is a great choice if you are learning to play guitar but aren't sure you will stick with it or you aren't sure what kind of guitar is right for you.

  • You like the option of monthly payments for the guitar with the ability to pay it off at any time.

  • You think you may want to upgrade your guitar at some point and like the idea of transferring equity to a more expensive guitar. 

Guitars Available for Sale or Rent

All of our guitars are availabe for rent with the exception of the domestic Martin guitars (usually $1500 and up). You can see our inventory here. PThe specific monthly rental price will usually be listed on the guitar page. Please contact us if you have any questions.

As with all our instrument rentals, our standard "no-risk" rental terms apply. All rental payments apply toward the eventual purchase of the instrument. But if you decide to return it - no worries. (Do note there is a 3-month minimum rental period, but you really owe yourself at least that long to try it out).


And as a bonus - if you are looking for an instructor to help you get started, we have them too! Any of our resident guitar teachers would be happy to meet with you and get you playing in no time!

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