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Picture of McCormick family holding musical instruments

Our Story

Our family literally would not be here without music.


We (John & Colleen) met in the Cal Marching Band (Go Bears!) when we were both playing Alto Saxophone. We enjoyed playing music in a variety of bands in school - including marching, concert, and jazz. 


We moved to Lafayette over 20 years ago for the amazing school system. Our children have enjoyed and prospered in the local music and arts programs offered not only in the schools but also in the broader Lamorinda community.


As our kids were getting older, Colleen had an idea that our community needed a music store that was fun, friendly, and was as comfortable for professional musicians as it was for the 4th grader picking out their first instrument and their mom or dad dropping them off for a music lesson.


So in 2009 we took the plunge and opened Lamorinda Music. We had no prior experience with small business ownership, but knew the values we wanted to promote in the store: family, friendship, and value. Colleen had a clear vision for how the store should look and feel (comfortable - like your living room) and how customers should be treated (like family & friends). 


The initial store was fairly small (1,800 sq ft) and featured a retail area and six lesson studios as part of a larger retail building. After a few years in business, we had the opportunity to expand to the rest of the first floor of the building we were in and took (another) plunge. We then expanded to 5,000 sq ft with a greatly enlarged retail area, full repair shop, ten lesson studios, and a group performance area we call the Big Room. In 2022 we expanded again to the second floor of our building, adding three additional teaching studios and an amazing Dance Studio.


We consider ourselves more than just a store - we are part of the local music community. We have over thirty awesome instructors that teach at the store. We work closely with music educators in the Lamorinda area and beyond. We host Music Together classes, recitals, group ukulele classes, jams, and concerts in our Big Room year-round. And we happen to have the best ukulele selection in the East Bay (and beyond? - you be the judge).


So come on by and visit. We would love to see you and we hope you will enjoy spending some time at the store.


Colleen & John McCormick


P.S. We are happy to say that marching band didn't end with us. Our daughter Emily was in the UC Davis Marching Band-uh on clarinet (Go Ags!) and our son Scotty marched in the University of Washington Husky Marching Band on sousaphone (Go Dawgs!) 


We are OPEN Monday-Friday, 9:30 AM-6 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM-5 PM.

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