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The Lamorinda Music Dance Studio

The Dance Studio is a 25 ft x 30 ft space that is perfect for a variety of group activities including dance classes of all kinds, acting classes, yoga classes, meditation, and so much more. It is located upstairs in the Lamorinda Music building and is available to rent on an hourly basis.





The space has a wooden bamboo floor (non-floating) and has a stationary handrail (a barre) that provides support for people during various types of exercises on two of the walls. There is a full-length mirror down one wall. It has room for groups of 20-25 people spread out. There are folding chairs that are available. There is a restroom just outside the studio. Socks or non-marking, soft-soled shoes are required.

The space is on the second floor of the building. There are 15 steps required to get to the second floor and then another 3 steps to get to the Dance Studio. If ground floor access is required, consider renting our Big Room. Click here for rental details for the Big Room.



Available for Rent


The Dance Studio is an excellent space for a variety of group activities. The standard rate is $40 per hour.



  • The rental time needs to include your setup and teardown as well.

  • Rent can be reduced for a regularly scheduled event (e.g. weekly or monthly)

  • Dance shoes or exercise shoes with non-marking (e.g. not black) soles only. 


So, what works in the Dance Studio?


It is ideal for dance, theater, acting, or exercise group classes.


It would also make an excellent location for a yoga or meditation class where students bring their own mats and blocks. 

There is a large-screen TV on the wall that can project from a computer.

There is also a waiting area outside the Dance Studio that can be used during the rental period.

We are OPEN Monday-Friday, 9:30 AM-6 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM-5 PM.

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