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We have a large selection of acoustic, classical, and electric guitars.  Whether you are brand new to the guitar, a current player, or returning to it after a prolonged absence, we can help you out and answer all your questions. Come on by and enjoy a wonderful, low-pressure buying (or renting!) experience.

Check out our inventory of in-stock guitars here.

We also have a wide selection of guitar accessories, books, and amps to complete your playing experience. Plus we have several guitar instructors ready to help you realize your dreams!

We also have an on-site guitar technician that can restring, adjust, or repair your guitar. Click here for more information. 

Our Brands

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Martin Guitars: We are proud to be our area's only Martin Guitar dealer! We carry a selection of Martin guitars at all price points, from the classic D-35 and HD-28 to the mid-priced 000-15M and D-15M Streetmaster to the affordable 000CJR-10E Junior and LX1 Little Martin. Check our Martin selection here.
Breedlove: Our customers can't believe how terrific a Breedlove guitar sounds, especially for the price.  The most popular models we rent and sell are in the Discovery Series, which includes the comfortable Concert and Concertina sizes. When you come into the store, check out the Discovery Concert and the Discovery Concertina in spruce, mahogany, or sunburst tops. They are also available in a larger Concerto size and are available fully acoustic or with a pickup.
Yamaha: We carry acoustic, classical, and electric guitars from Yamaha including the very popular FS and FG series acoustic guitars, the CG143CH classical guitar, and the Pacifica series electric guitars. We also carry electric basses from Yamaha like the TRBX lineup. 
Cordoba: One of the premier manufacturers of classical guitars and ukuleles. 
Sheeran by Lowden: Sheeran by Lowden are a range of newly designed guitars born out of a friendship between Ed Sheeran and George Lowden. They offer aspiring musicians a guitar with great playability and tone using materials with high sustainability credentials, all designed and built in Ireland.
KLOSThese carbon-fiber guitars are the most durable instruments we carry! These sleek beauties are designed to be extremely portable, lightweight, and damage and weather resistant. 



Are you interested but not sure if you want to buy a guitar right now? Our rental program is the best in the Bay Area with 100% of the rental payments contributing your ownership of the instrument. You can even upgrade your instrument and carry forward your equity toward a more expensive guitar. Guitar and electric bass rentals start at $20 a month. Click here for more information about guitar rentals



In addition to guitars, we sell a full line of accessories, including strings, picks, straps, cases, capos, string winders, and tuners. We also carry a large selection of guitar sheet music spanning all musical genres.


Interested in Learning Guitar?

We have several terrific guitar teachers here at Lamorinda Music that will have you strumming in no time. Check them out here.


And even more...

If you are looking for a high-end guitar, either custom-built or rare vintage guitar (or you just love looking at wonderful instruments), check out our neighbor, Mighty Fine Guitars. You won't be disappointed!

We are OPEN Monday-Friday, 9:30 AM-6 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM-5 PM.

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