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Introducing the Savannah A-Style Solid Spruce Mandolin, the perfect choice for any musician looking for quality at a great price. The Savannah SA-110 features an oval hole design, providing a unique sound that sets it apart from other A-style mandolins. With a spruce top, maple back and sides, and a hard maple neck, this mandolin has a durable build that delivers a classic, resonant tone. The extended 24-fret revebond fretboard and 12th fret neck joint allow for easy playability and access to higher notes. Complete with an adjustable compensated bridge and glossy finish, the Savannah A-Style Solid Spruce Mandolin is a beautiful instrument that offers exceptional sound and playability at an unbeatable price.


Note this product is available for local pickup only. No shipping.

Savannah A-Style Solid Spruce Mandolin

SKU: SA-110
  • Savannah

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