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Maintenance Plan


Due to popular demand, we are now offering a Maintenance Plan for our rental instruments. The Plan is intended to provide peace of mind for customers and allow them to avoid unexpected costs associated with their rental instrument. For a small monthly fee, you are covered against the unexpected, making your payments more predictable - truly a “worry-free” rental experience!


Why Purchase the Plan?

Normally, customers are responsible for all repairs for rental instruments and for loss of the instrument due to theft or fire. Instrument repair can potentially be very expensive and you are responsible for all repairs (other than normal wear & tear) when you return your instrument at the end of the contract. If your rental instrument is protected under The Plan, all covered repairs are included and your instrument will be replaced if it is lost or stolen.


What is Covered?

The Plan covers any instrument rented by Lamorinda Music in two significant ways:


1. Instrument Loss

Instruments protected by The Plan that are stolen or lost due to fire or other natural disasters will be replaced by an equivalent instrument at no additional cost to the renter and all rental equity built up on the lost instrument will be retained in the replacement instrument. A police report or fire department report is required.

2. Instrument Repair

The Plan covers all necessary repairs to the rental instrument except where negligence, abuse, or misuse are indicated. As with all our repairs, a loaner instrument will be provided while the covered instrument is being repaired. 


What Isn't Covered?
  • Basic cleaning of the instrument, including ultrasonic cleaning of brass instruments.

  • Consumables such as reeds, mouthpieces, valve oil, or strings

  • Bow replacement

  • Repairs due to negligence, abuse, or misuse. 

  • Repairs needed due to damage caused by unqualified persons attempting a repair

  • Finish restoration

  • Instrument cases

  • Any instrument that is not current on rental or maintenance payments

  • Any instrument that has been paid off and is no longer under a rental contract

  • Replacement of an instrument without appropriate police, fire, or insurance documentation



The Plan costs are assessed monthly along with the standard rental payment and vary according to the replacement cost of the instrument

Logo for NAPBIRT (National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians)
Ultrasonic Machine at Lamorinda Music

This rental instrument was accidentally run over when backing out of the driveway. The renter got a replacement horn at no charge because she had opted for the maintenance plan. 

Scott working on a cello

Scott is performing some touch up work on a cello 

Percussion Kits and Drum Sets are not eligible for The Plan


When Can an Instrument be Covered Under The Plan?

The Plan can be added to any instrument during the initial rental process. The Plan can be added to an existing rental only after the instrument has been inspected by our repair technicians and any necessary repairs have been made and paid for.


Note that if a string instrument covered under The Plan is being traded in for a larger sized string instrument, the larger sized string instrument is automatically covered.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the repair covered if my child or their sibling accidently drops the instrument?

A. Yes, damage that is accidental is covered under The Plan


Q. If I choose not to enroll in The Plan when initially renting the instrument, can I enroll later?

A. Absolutely - you can enroll your rental instrument at any time. However, the rental instrument needs to be inspected by our repair technician and any needed repairs must be made and paid for.


Q. Is there a limit to how many repairs can be made for a covered instrument?

A. No, as long as the repairs aren’t due to negligence or abuse


Q. Can I enroll my instrument that I purchased at Lamorinda Music or another store in the program?

A. No, only instruments currently being rented from Lamorinda Music are eligible for the plan.


Q. How do I pay for The Plan?

A. Payments will be assessed as part of your Auto-Pay monthly processing as well as part of the initial 3-month rental payment.


Q. If my instrument is lost or stolen, will I get exactly the same instrument as a replacement?

A. We will try to replace the instrument with the same model but it may be a different brand, though it will be equivalent quality. Generally speaking a used rental instrument will be replaced with a used instrument and a new rental instrument will be replaced with a new instrument.


Q. Is the cost the same whether I’m renting a new or used instrument?

A. Yes, the cost is the same - all things being equal, a new instrument, though more valuable, will likely require fewer repairs.

Our band repair technician working on a bass saxophone

John is putting the finishing touches on a bass saxophone repair job

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