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During Joseph Haydn's lifetime, concertos for solo instruments and ensemble were generally written for a particular musician. In the case of Haydn's violoncello Concerto in D major Hob. VII:2, this person was Anton Kraft, first cello in the Esterhazy ensemble and later one of Vienna's greatest virtuosi. This composition for a particular occasion has become a masterpiece for the ages; an autograph score by the composer survives, dating from 1783. The services of Haydn specialist Sonja Gerlach have been obtained for this edition of the concerto with piano accompaniment. She enriches the Urtext edition with a detailed preface that also examines the execution of the ornaments and the cadenzas.

Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra D Major Hob.VIIb:2 Cello and Piano Reduct

SKU: 51480418
  • Henle Urtext Edition
  • Softcover

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