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Robert Vandall's piano duets have been favorites of students and teachers for several years. Many have been chosen for contest and festival lists. Whether performed for studio recitals, contests, festivals, or concerts with multiple pianos on a stage, these duets appeal to performers and audiences alike. Diverse musical styles are represented in each book of this series-from beautiful melodies of lilting waltzes and lyrical ballads, to the rhythmic excitement of lively dances and ragtime. Both primo and secondo are skillfully crafted to be of equal difficulty and equal interest. Melodies are shared or passed between performers. These wonderful collections will motivate duet teams to continue making music together. Titles: Central Park Ride * Chanson * Hiking Song * On Our Way * Pirouette * Village Dance. "Chanson" and "Pirouette" are Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selections.

Celebrated Piano Duets Book 1

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