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Joseph Haydn's popular Piano Sonata in D major comes from a group of six sonatas which Haydn had published as a collection by the Viennese publisher Artaria in 1780. The edition was dedicated to the sisters Katharina and Marianna Auenbrugger, two Viennese pianists whom the composer greatly admired: ?The approval of the Misses von Auenbrugger is most important to me; for their way of playing, and their genuine insight into music the music, equals that of the greatest masters.? In the Henle Urtext edition, taken from the revised volumes of the complete Haydn piano sonatas, Lars Vogt takes the place of the Auenbrugger sisters: he has added fingering, making this work, brimming with energy and yet technically easy to master, newly accessible for all piano enthusiasts.

Piano Sonata D Major

SKU: 51481533
  • Henle Urtext Edition
  • Softcover

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