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In six books, Maxime Alphonse provides 200 progressive studies for the Horn. The final volume of Two Hundred New Melodic and Progressive Studies is essential to advance level horn players seeking to improve their technique on the instrument. Alphonse's studies focus on elements including tempo, complex rhythms, ornamentation, performance directions, phrasing, articulation, rests, dynamics, intervals, breath control and neatness, among other musical aspects. Compiled in 1924, Alphonse's Two Hundred New Melodic and Progressive Studies has enhanced the studies of many prolific horn players. With detailed instruction in French, English and German for each exercise, this Alphonse book is versatile and crucial to the progress of any advanced horn player.

Deux Cents Etudes Nouvelles Melodiques et Progressives

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  • Alphonse Leduc
  • Softcover