Guitar - "Utterly Simplified" Workshop

 For beginning guitarists ... AND for guitarists new to DADGAD tuning!


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Want to give your guitar playing an amazing boost? Just starting out? Wish you could play common guitar chords with just one finger? Interested in playing Celtic and other world music in addition to folk, rock, popular and blues? Then welcome to the world of Partial DADGAD!


In over three decades of teaching there nothing else that provides such a welcoming introduction
to guitar, nor anything that affords access to the lush sounds easily evoked by alternate guitar
 tunings – all without re-tuning! 

DADGAD Guitar ... without the fuss!


Explore the beauty of DADGAD, the world’s most popular alternate guitar tuning, and do so without retuning your guitar.  That’s right! A partial capo placed at the guitar’s 2nd fret (as shown) provides a passport to a huge extent of the DADGAD experience.  


You’ll be transported and inspired by sounds ranging from lightly ethereal to bluesy and dark.  It’s a stylistic journey! The partial capo provides a deeply distinctive, singer/songwriter style, and it’s perfect for Celtic and modal accompaniment. Plus “Partial DADGAD” has some wonderful advantages and properties that true DADGAD does not! 


And there’s no easier way to play chords on the guitar.  We’ll play entire accompaniments with a single finger! And that’s just one of the rewards of the partial capo.  


Please note, a partial capo is not just a boost for beginners.  Advanced guitarists who’ve attended these workshops report that they’ve quickly incorporated the partial capo into their songwriting, performing and recording.


We’ll explore chords, songs, and melodies and cover important concepts including, strumming patterns, timing, study skills, posture, and relaxation.  Along with loads of repertoire and resources.


The Details

Time: Thursdays, 6:30pm - 7:45pm

Dates: Choose one of the 4-week series:

Series 1:  Sept 14, 21, 28, Oct 5

Series 2:  Oct 12, 19, 26 and Nov 2

Series 3:  Nov 9, 16,  Nov 30,  Dec 7 (note, we are skipping Thanksgiving week)

Early Fee Discount: $112 for online pre-registration (below) or at the store

Regular Fee: $120 at the door, payable at first class

Refunds issued if the workshop is canceled due to low enrollment (although that has never happened.) Class size limited to 20.

Need to cancel or change? No problem - just email or call the store at 925-385-0963 and we'll take care of it immediately.

Your Instructor: John Blasquez

For decades John Blasquez has been kindling and deepening the love of music in children and adults, starting kids on violin, fiddle and uke as young as 4 1/2, and enriching the path of those already underway with their instrument.

He teaches music spanning traditional, popular, jazz, blues, and classical styles. A superlative, seasoned fiddler and mandolinist in bluegrass, old-time, and Celtic genres, John has also held a lifelong appreciation of classical music, particularly baroque and soundtrack, and he’s an extremely versatile guitarist (it was his first instrument) specializing in solo finger-picking.




Ages: 10 through adult.

Experience: A few months or years of guitar.  Join us if you’re newly acquainted with guitar and looking for a fun, rewarding path. 
We welcome intermediate players who are interested in DADGAD via the magic of partial capo. (John is usually able to teach the course at two levels simultaneously.) Some familiarity with tablature notation is helpful.

  • Shubb C7B Partial capo, before the first class! They are available at Lamorinda Music (10% off if you are taking the class) 

  • Regular capo too

  • Regular guitar pick (a flat-pick)

  • Binder, pencil, and possibly a footstool

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We are OPEN Monday-Friday, 9:30 AM-6 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM-5 PM.