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Beethoven's 32 piano sonatas are often referred to as the ?New Testament of Music? (Hans von B�low). Since the publication of our complete edition in two volumes, experts have praised it as being the most reliable Urtext edition. Its contents: an almost inexhaustible wealth of pianistic, musical flights of inspiration, predominantly high profile works - the Sonatas ?Pathetique,? ?Moonlight,? ?Storm,? ?Appassionata,? ?Waldstein,? ?Hammerklavier.? Even if one will never be able to play them all, the aquisition of the ?New Testament? is always worthwhile, whether clothbound, paperbound, or as a study edition in the Henle Urtext. Contains Sonatas 1-15.

Piano Sonatas - Volume I

SKU: 51480032
  • Henle Urtext Edition
  • Softcover

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