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Hans von B�low described Beethoven's 32 piano sonatas as ?Music's New Testament.? Since its first appearance, Henle's complete two-volume edition (51480032 and 51480034) has been valued by specialists as the most dependable Urtext, and belongs in every pianist's library. It contains an inexhaustible treasure of pianistic and musical mastery, setting technically challenging works with a high level of name-recognition, such as the ?Pathetique,? ?Moonlight,? ?Tempest,? ?Waldstein,? ?Appassionata,? and ?Hammerklavier? sonatas, alongside other, less difficult works. 51480032 and 51480034 include Conrad Hansen's much-admired fingerings; for those who want an Urtext edition without the fingerings Henle now offers 51481032 and 51481034. Introduction presented in English, French and German.

Piano Sonatas Volume 2

SKU: 51481034
  • Henle Urtext Edition
  • Softcover

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