Peavey Acoustic 112EFX Guitar Amp

The Peavey TransTube 112 EFX Combo Amp is the most versatile amp for the money. The combinations are endless in this compact, portable, and well-priced Peavey amplifier. Players can program 3 presets consisting of a clean or dirty channel with simultaneous modulation effect, reverb, and delay. For example, you could have one preset clean with a rotating speaker, reverb, and delay; one preset dirty with touch wah and delay; and one preset dirty with an octaver -- all selectable with the included footswitch. The footswitch features 3 buttons for the presets and a fourth to switch individual effects. In bypass mode, you can add other effects in real time with the footswitch. Unique WYSIWYG effects section lets you monitor all the effects settings on your Peavey TransTube 112 EFX at a glance. 5 different amp sounds, great for any style of music.
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