Flight TUSL-KIDZ Concert Scale Soprano Travel Ukulele

Flight TUSL-KIDZ Concert Scale Soprano Travel Ukulele


From Flight Ukulele: "The ukulele is becoming a popular instrument–for good reason–in schools throughout the world. Schools are a challenging environment for any instrument, and quite frankly, most ukuleles are not up to the challenge. The Flight Travel Ukulele is the ideal ukulele for use in the school environment as they are tough, can be cleaned, and are not susceptible to sharp fret ends or changes in humidity. Most importantly, they play great and sound great.


While anyone can purchase a Flight KIDZ Ukulele, the instrument was outfitted for use in school settings. The strings used on the ukulele are Aquila Kids Strings which were developed to help teachers teach and students learn the ukulele. There are a number of resources, many free, which utilize the color system of these strings.


On top of it all, the KIDZ ukulele includes an extra set of Aquila Kids Strings which will help schools dealing with tough budgets, and a specially designed start-up booklet. We beieve this is the best ukulele that a school can buy, and it is a great value for other players, too!"

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