Ohana All Solid Mahogany Baritone w/Cutaway

Ohana All Solid Mahogany Baritone w/Cutaway


Marcy is an accomplished instructor, and had students hungry for a quality baritone with a cutaway. Some were even on the hunt for a pick up option. Having played the Ohana BK-35G, Marcy believed its great tone and approachable price would be perfect for her advanced students– it was just missing that pesky cutaway! Marcy gave the Ohana team in Long Beach, California, a call to talk about the possibility of bringing in such an instrument– an all solid model, with great tone and action, and a cutaway to hit those frets close to the body. The team thought this was a fantastic idea, especially as the baritone scale is garnering more interest within the ukulele community.


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