1941 12A CG Conn Coprion Cornet

1941 12A CG Conn Coprion Cornet

This is a wonderful vintage 1941 CG Conn Cornet. It was in storage for many years but our senior instrument repair technician has fully serviced it and ultrasonically cleaned it. S/N 339026
This cornet has a Corpion bell. The process necessary for producing the Coprion bell was developed by Conn in 1938. It consists of electrolytically depositing COPper IONns (hence the name Coprion) onto a stainless steel precision form accurate to millionths of an inch (so Conn said in its 1959 catalog), creating a seamless bell. Coprion isn't the same as a "rose brass" or "red brass" bell; these are brass bells with a higher copper content. Coprion is 100% pure copper.
What does Coprion do to the sound and the way the instrument plays?
It is said that on an instrument with a Coprion bell "you can't overblow or 'crack' a note." Also, according to Conn, "Coprion has a special characteristic which permits great dynamic range without change in tone color."
There is more detail here: https://cderksen.home.xs4all.nl/ConnArticle20.html
The cornet comes with a great vintage case and two cornet mouthpieces.

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