Band Instruments

We carry high-quality student, step-up and professional band instruments from the world's leading instrument manufacturers. The instruments we carry are all music educator-approved. Make sure you are purchasing from an authorized dealer. We not only know how to repair your instrument correctly, but we can help with any warranty work as well.


Our Manufacturers

We carry instruments from the following dealers:

  • Yamaha - The largest instrument manufacturers in the word. In addition to Yamaha's regular band instrument line-up, we also carry the Advantage line.

  • Conn-Selmer - which includes Selmer, LeBlanc, Conn, Armstrong, King, and many other leading brands

  • Buffett - makers of world-class woodwinds, including the famous R-13 clarinet.

  • Getzen - makers of fine brass instruments - right here in the USA


Are you interested in renting a band instrument? Check out our very popular rental program, that includes, among its many benefits, 100% of your rental payments going to the purchase of the instrument.

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